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Implementation Tools

Jennason Barcode Generation Service

Generate Test Barcodes from any compliant EPCIS Message

Evolving from Jennason's market-leading Serialization Test Tool, the Barcode Generation service is a web-based tool which allows users to upload compliant EPCIS messages and generate PDF barcode reports.

Uses for the Barcode generation service include:

For CMOs

  • Generate barcode reports from simulated EPCIS data without the need to run packaging lines.  Barcode reports can then be shared with pharma customers as part of onboarding, testing and support activities.

For Manufacturers

  • Generate barcode reports from test EPCIS messages provided by CMO/3PL partners

  • Use barcode reports to send downstream to wholesale customers in support of integration testing, including DSCSA VRS testing

  • Use barcode reports in support of testing of warehouse/edge solutions

  • Use barcode reports as part of projects which are introducing aggregation capabilities

For 3PLs/Wholesalers/Pharmacies/Hospitals

  • Generate barcode reports from test EPCIS data provided by upstream trading partners

  • Use barcode reports as part of initial serialization L3/L4/L5 and edge solution implementations

The Jennason Barcode Generation Service includes:

  • Support for 1D and 2D barcode generation

  • PDF barcode reports visually indicate packaging hierarchy (aggregation)

  • Inclusion of all common barcode elements including GTIN, serial number, SSCC, lot and expiry

  • Storage of generated PDF barcode reports for up to 90 days

Monthly and annual subscriptions available.  Additionally, the Barcode Generation Service may be bundled free-of-charge with purchase of any other Jennason solution.

Request a demo

To request a demo please send an email to



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