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Supply Chain Solutions

Jennason Master Data and Workflow Manager

"Jennason MDM was initially used to manage our EU FMD serialization master data but quickly expanded to be an essential tool for our planning, supply chain and tech ops teams globally"

- Director Pharm Ops Systems, Top 15 Biotech


Simple, Cost Effective Master Data and Workflow Management


The Jennason Master Data and Workflow Manager is a cloud-based product and location master data management solution targeted for small to medium pharma/biotech organizations.  The solution provides a cost-effective and robust alternative to the use of spreadsheets and other documents to maintain business critical master data.  

For many small to medium organizations master data management requires highly manual processes and relies on numerous spreadsheets maintained across functional teams.   This leads to inconsistent, incomplete and inaccurate data while also adding tedious tasks to properly add and update data.

For these organizations, the Jennason MD&W Manager provides a centralized solution with additional control and capability - ensuring master data can be added, viewed, maintained and exported accurately and efficiently.

In addition to master data capabilities Jennason MD&W Manager enables companies to automate critical supply chain operations.  Such workflows include system configuration change management, product verification processes and supply chain mapping.  Moreover, by leveraging the solution's rapid development environment customers can modify and enhance workflows to meet their specific SOPs, policies and procedures.

Features include:


  • Centralized product information management including attributes required for supply chain operations, serialization, artwork/labeling and regulatory compliance

  • Centralized location information management including corporate locations, partner locations and customers

  • Built-in data validation and data look-ups maximize data accuracy and reduce manual input

  • Workflow management for key commercial supply chain operations

  • Web accessible platform for rapid collaboration across functional teams

  • Role-based user access ensures data integrity and security

  • Direct integration with 3rd party systems such as ERP, serialization and artwork/labeling platforms

  • Direct integration with industry data pools such as HDA Origin for supply chain data sharing and regulatory compliance

  • Audit trails and email notifications for better master data administration

  • Tools to generate standards-based master data elements such as GS1 GTINs, GLNs and check digit calculations

  • Links to industry master data guidelines, standards and regulations

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