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What We Do


Jennason provides educational workshops and materials covering foundational serialization and traceability concepts including:

  • Overview of business impacts

  • Collaboration with packaging and distribution partners

  • Packaging and labeling impacts

  • Manufacturing/ Distribution process requirements

  • Overview of serialization regulations (where applicable)

  • Quality/ Validation

  • Solution Implementation approaches

  • Overview of GS1 standards

  • Serialization/ traceability data management options

  • Industry- specific use cases

Jennason's advisory consulting services support companies in developing strategies, solution designs, plans and execution of serialization and traceability implementations.


In addition, Jennason has formed strategic partnerships with leading consulting and solution providers to ensure its clients have access to the right knowledge and expertise.

Jennason's methodology, formed over 10 years of experience, ensures clients get focused support and tangible, measurable results

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