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The Most Advanced Testing Tool Designed Specifically for Serialization Projects


The Jennason Serialization Test Tool is an automated testing application which provides a simple yet effective approach to serialization test management and execution.  The tool saves testing teams significant time and effort in generating serialization test data, executing tests and summarizing test results.  


Features include:


  • Ability to import serial numbers directly from your track and trace system

  • Generation of GS1 EPCIS and other common serialization data formats

  • Easy set up and test execution for both business and technical testers

  • Ability to create large volumes of serialization test data to support performance testing

  • Simulation of end-to-end packaging and distribution scenarios

  • Generate 2D Data matrix and 1D bar code reports for testing with edge/data capture solutions

  • Extensive test tracking and reporting


Enhancement Packages are available to ensure out-of-the-box integration with all major enterprise track and trace vendor platforms


To view an online demo visit:

Jennason Serialization Test Tool-Full License

  • Customers are provided a link to download the install file after purchase.   

    After payment confirmation, Jennason will provide license keys

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