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The Jennason Serialization Test Tool is an automated testing application which provides a simple yet effective approach to serialization test management and execution.  The tool saves testing teams significant time and effort in generating serialization test data, executing tests and summarizing test results.  


The monthly license option provides customers with access to the Jennason Serialization Test Tool for a 1 month term.  Monthly terms do not have to be consecutive- allowing customers to enable their access to the tool only when needed to support their testing and support operations.    


The monthly license option can also be used for customers who want to perform a proof of concept of the tool.     


Jennason support is provided with monthly term purchases to ensure customers are able to rapidly configure and start using the Serialization Test Tool.


To view an online demo visit:

Jennason Serialization Test Tool-1 Month License

  • Customers are provided a link to download the install file after purchase.   

    After payment confirmation, Jennason will provide license keys for the term (months) purchased.

    At the end of the purchased term the license keys will inactivate.

  • Contact Jennason for other payment methods.

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