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Jennason VRS Testing Service

Automated Testing Solution for Manufacturer's L4/L5 VRS Responder Service

As the next major DSCSA milestone for saleable returns nears, manufacturers are being asked by many wholesale customers to support the Verification Router Service (VRS).    For most manufacturers, VRS support is rooted in their L4/L5 serialization provider's responder service following GS1 and/or HDAs standards.

VRS represents a significant component in the US pharma industry's march towards compliance with DSCSA.  The concept is complex and introduces many new systems and technologies.  It is of critical importance for manufactures to ensure that their responder service provides accurate and consistent results.  The occurrence of false negative/positive responses will have significant impacts on the availability and flow of pharmaceutical products through the supply chain.

The Jennason VRS Testing Service provides

  • A SaaS solution that directly tests VRS Responder services

  • Automated simulation of requests to trigger all standard VRS responses (e.g. Verified, SGTIN not found, Lot does not match, etc.)

  • Ability to simulate large volumes of VRS requests and monitoring of response times

  • Historical test tracking, reporting and notifications

  • Comparison of test scenarios with VRS responses to identify unexpected results

  • Ability to resubmit historical tests to support regression testing of new responder service versions

The Jennason VRS Testing Service leverages a common delivery platform as other Jennason solutions which provides

  • Web accessible platform for rapid collaboration across functional teams

  • Role-based user access ensures data integrity and security

  • Direct integration with 3rd party systems such as ERP, regulatory and serialization platforms

  • Full support for GMP audit and validation

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